Trump bans the word “transgender” in US health agency documents

Trump bans the word “transgender” in US health agency documents

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The new rule was established by the administration of President Donald Trump also banned the use of six other words. They are: Vulnerable, right, diversity, fetus, based on evidence and based on science.

Last Thursday, the analysts of the so-called Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, received the information that they would have restrictions on the list of words. The information was given in a meeting with senior authorities.

The novelty seems not to have liked the professionals so much. One of the analysts, who preferred not to divulge his name, told the newspaper that his colleagues reacted in an incredulous manner. The spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, an entity linked to the Centers of Control, told the newspaper that “it will continue to use the best available scientific evidence to improve the health of all Americans.”

A different government

In May of this year, US President Donald Trump said in an opening speech at Evangelical Liberty University that “in the United States we do not worship the government, we worship God” and “we promise to protect their religious freedom.”

He also encouraged them to never give up, but to accept being agents of transformation in the world, even if for that they end up looking “strange” in society. “As long as I’m president, no one will ever prevent you from practicing your faith,” Trump said at the Evangelical Confession School in Lynchburg, Virginia, before a crowd of some 50,000.