1 Samuel 19 Commentary

Jonathan, Michal and Samuel (19:1-24)

For a while Jonathan was successful in persuading his father to stop trying to kill David (19:1-7). However, David’s further military successes made Saul jealous again. He made two more attempts on David’s life, first at the palace, then at David’s house. This time another of Saul’s family, Michal, helped David escape (8-17; cf. Ps 59).

David found safety with Samuel at Ramah. Three times Saul sent men to arrest David, but each time they were overcome by the power of God’s Spirit that worked through Samuel and his followers (18-21). In the end Saul himself went, but he too was overcome by God’s Spirit. People were surprised to find Saul prophesying, but it showed how powerless he was to resist the power of God. And that same all- powerful God protected David (22-24).

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