3 JOHN chapters and history

Towards the end of the first century, the churches in and around Ephesus suffered much tension and conflict because of false teaching (e.g. Rev 2:2-6; cf. Acts 20:17,29-30). Early records indicate that the apostle John lived in Ephesus at this time, and that he wrote his Gospel and three letters partly to counter some of the false views.

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Background and contents of 3 John

In spite of his warnings about travelling preachers who had wrong teaching (2 John 10-11), John knew that many other travelling preachers were genuine Christians whose teaching was true and wholesome. But there was a problem in one church because a dictatorial person named Diotrephes refused to accept the travelling preachers into the church. He considered them representatives of John, whom he opposed. John therefore wrote a letter (3 John) to one of the better leaders in the church, a friend named Gaius, to encourage and help him. In the letter John encouraged Gaius to keep helping the true preachers of the gospel (v. 1-8). He assured Gaius that if Diotrephes persisted in his present attitudes, then he himself would deal with him when he visited the church in the near future (v. 9-15).


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