9 types of angels recognized in biblical texts

9 types of angels recognized in biblical texts. Archangels are the most popular, but in the sacred scriptures there are many more whose functions were to protect man.
“Above him were the seraphim, each of which had six wings: with two of them they covered his face, with two they covered his feet, and with two they flew,” says the biblical text in Isaiah 6: 2. Both in the New and in the Old Testament, angels have been named countless times and each has a key position in paradise. Play Academy gives us an idea of ​​how many there are and what role each one of them plays, in addition to belonging to the army of God.

The seraphim

They do not have a human physical form and are represented in the shape of a fireball where a face with three pairs of wings is revealed. They are very close to God and are in the first order of the Almighty’s army.


They are represented with four wings and their name translates as “fullness of knowledge”, something they have because they have the task of sustaining the Lord in his intellectual acuity. They are represented with a bluish hue and have feet and hands. There are versions that these soldiers of God have two faces and that their wings are filled with eyes from their irrepressible knowledge of everything.


In this group are Los Tronos. As their name implies, they serve as a seat or heavenly seat for God, acquiring a curious wheel shape, and they can drive the divine chariot. They are also full of eyes and are red.


The second group is formed by the Dominations, and they can appear decorated with stars, crown or box and scepter or sword.


They are responsible for making miracles happen. They appear dressed as deacons and carry a sprig of lys. It is common to see them with a sword and the Holy Book. In addition, they can be represented with a perfume bottle as a symbol of prayer and scales, trumpets or rays that symbolize their role in the Last Judgment.


Your job is to protect the human being. They are believed to help solve unpleasant problems and situations and transmute the negative.


They constitute the third hierarchical group and are those who watch over the world and act as imitators of God, representing the “beginning” of everything.


They are the most important in the biblical representation and, therefore, the most complicated to define, since since the arrival of the Christian religion in South America, mixing their pagan beliefs with the monotheistic faith, hundreds of archangels or the so-called arcabuzeiros.

The most striking thing about their names is that they all end in “el”: Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael.


It is they who constitute the last group of the army of God and, therefore, the closest to men. Among his powers is the protection of each man, one by one.

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