Description of Adultery: Altering or  annihilating  the quality and  purity of a thing by adding something to it that is indifferent  or  unworthy . Altering or  lying  the true meaning of a thing or the  certainty  of a matter.

Etymology: The autochthonous sense   of adulterare is not moral  nor  of committing adultery. What the  language  indicates is to  transport  anything towards the  naturalness  of another  totally  different from it, with the  purpose  of falsifying it.

The  language basically  meant   simply to  trick , to  rage , and hence to  deprave  little . Much later it happened to the  materialized  moral of adultery. And the  nickname adulterer, of which in particular is  amancebado not  only  designates which breaks the  loyalty  marriage, but  also  to the no media any lover a formalized relationship, or a corrupter of the  practices ,  malicious  or moral counterfeiter. Considering these  narratives Adultery, me  I consult  can we become  adulterers  spiritually speaking? Are we taking that risk? If to adulterate is to  use  anything towards the  condition  of another  absolutely  different from it, with the  purpose  of falsifying it and having  accepted  a New Nature in  Jesus Christ , are we wanting to adopt or  appear to be  another type of  condition  based on the arguments of this  planet  in order that they do not see us so  unequal ? Having received a New Nature paid for with the Blood of Jesus , are we wishing, flirting with things,  positions , thoughts that have nothing to do with the  condition  that we have  accepted ?

God consecrated the Sabbath, set it apart as a day of rest, not because He needed it, but to show us the importance of keeping it. The day of rest should be used to seek God’s presence and rest. We have the other days of the week to work, but Saturday must be to recharge batteries and seek God’s presence in a special way.

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