Amalek (Heb. Amâlêq, “warrior” or “licking people”). Son of Elifaz and Timna, Elifa’s concubine; therefore, Esau’s grandson (Genesis 36:12, 16; 1Ch 1:36).

What does Amalek mean in the Bible?
Masculine noun. It is a word (in biblical history) that refers to a character of reference in the Old Testament as a descendant of the nomads of southern Israel, the son of Esau, the first-born of Isaac, and the Amalekites were a tribe that rebelled against humans.

What is the meaning of Amalek?
adj. -com. Dec. of the individual belonged to a biblical people, descendants of Amalek, who live in Arabia Petrea.

What was the name of the king of Amalek?
Agag is a biblical character, the king of the Amalekites, who appears in 1 Samuel chapter 15 verses 1 to 9. Saul defeats him but he and the people forgive him. Later, verses 30 to 33 are killed by his own prophet Samuel, who dismantled King Agag, because they were the customs of the time.

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