After the murder of his father Joash, Amaziah became king of Judah (796 BC; 2 Kings 12:20-21; 14:1-5). Determined to regain control of Edom (cf. 2 Kings 8:20), he planned to hire soldiers from Israel to help him. On advice from a prophet, he changed his mind and sent the hired soldiers home.

He then fought the battle using Judean soldiers alone and won a great victory (2 Chron 25:5-13). Against the advice of a prophet, he took some of the idols he had captured from the Edomites and set them up as gods in his palace. In doing so he guaranteed his downfall (2 Chron 25:14-16). Swollen with arrogance and ambition, Amaziah then attacked Israel, in spite of being warned of the consequences.

His country was defeated and Jerusalem plundered (2 Chron 25:17-24). Later he was assassinated by some of his own people (2 Chron 25:25-28). Another Amaziah comes from the same general era. He was a priest who lived in Bethel during the reign of Jeroboam II of Israel. He opposed the preaching of the prophet Amos, and sent a message to the king accusing Amos of treason. When the king ignored the accusation, Amaziah tried to persuade Amos to return to Judah (Amos 7:10-13). Amos responded with an announcement of judgment on the false priest and his family (Amos 7:14-17).

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