An Interesting Interview

Years ago, an interview was conducted by a very well-known individual at the time, who interviewed many of the world’s most prominent and accomplished people. On this occasion he was interviewing one of the world’s wealthiest men. This man was even more interesting to many because his wealth was not inherited. As believers, we understand that the means to obtain this great wealth was ultimately given to this man by God. However, from his perspective, he believed that his wealth was obtained by way of his own abilities and talents, which enabled him to take advantage of some chance opportunities that came his way.


During the interview, the host put the question to this very wealthy and accomplished man, asking him if he believed in God. As he pondered the question, looking slightly off to the right and just above the host who


was seated opposite from him, he replied that he was not sure if there is a God. He went on to say that there might be a God, but he was not really sure. And once again fixing his gaze back on the host conducting the interview, he said that he tried to focus on things that he did know and understand, rather than on things he did not know.


This was a very interesting reply, and one that appeared to be candid, straightforward, and honest. Although God had given great material wealth to this man, in his own mind he did not even know whether God exists or not. In this present life he is tremendously wealthy, but from the perspective of the eternal, one who does not know God is a pauper. What an irony to contemplate.

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