An award is a remuneration, an honor, a compensation. The New Testament often speaks of future incentives that are profound for the Christian. Which are rewards or honors that the Christian can take, and are habitable for all believers in Jesus Christ. A bowl of cold water given to a disciple just for the sake of corresponding to Lord will now be a glory, as he explains (Mark 9:41); and Jehovah even warned that he will return, and that with him will be his reward that will be given to each one according to his works (Revelation 22:12). Therefore, the one who works in the work of Jesus Christ, the one who does things for Jesus Christ, if his work remains, will receive his incentive (1 Corinthians 3: 8-14), and in the same way, the one who does evil will also be distinguished , only according to the evil that has proceeded (2 Samuel 3:39). But our intention is not retribution, however each of us must always be ready to articulate that it is God’s love that constrains us to produce little for Him (2 Corinthians 5.14). But, Almighty decided to grant rewards because his love and grace are so much abundant, Jehovah cannot appropriate so much kindness, love and so much blessing. He decided to do so to encourage us in the midst of the risks and difficulties we face here on the trail. And we must also be careful not to misplace our award. In Colossians 2:18 and Revelation 3:11 he speaks of distinction, not of misplacing blessing. It is important to clearly renounce that the prize or remuneration has nothing to examine with Salvation, because the beatitude is received only by the testimony in the Lord Redeemer and due to its finished construction. There is nothing that man can produce to be saved, to merit salvation or to stay saved, the possession or gain of salvation is only by mercy and just as the maintenance of glory is also by grace and mercy of Jehovah. Because all this refers to a welfare of Jehovah. And as for our works here, among which are those that are according to the Lord’s freedom, those will be rewarded by him at that time and then we will understand that everything we did was not of ourselves, but that He did everything and only he used us as utensils. At the beginning we did not deserve such rewards, because it was all his doing, and only for him,

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