If the Rahab whom the Israelites saved at the time of Jericho’s destruction is the same Rahab whose name appears in the genealogy of Jesus, then Boaz was descended from her (Josh 6:17; Ruth 4:18-22; Matt 1:1,5). He features in the book of Ruth as the man who helped the young Moabite widow Ruth and later married her (see RUTH). Boaz was a godly man who was eager to reward Ruth when he learnt of her kindness to her widowed mother-in-law (Ruth 2:11-12). He protected her from the local youths (Ruth 2:8-9,22), supplied her with food and drink during her day’s work (Ruth 2:9,14), rewarded her gleaning (Ruth 2:16-20) and gave her extra supplies of grain (Ruth 3:15). He showed no racial prejudice against her in spite of the traditional hostility between Israel and Moab (Ruth 2:6,10). When Ruth asked Boaz to keep alive the name of her late husband by fulfilling the duties of a close relative, Boaz responded generously. He was open and honourable in all his dealings with her, whether concerning marriage or property (Ruth 3:11-13; 4:1-6). He married Ruth, and the child born to them was an ancestor of King David and of Jesus the Messiah (Ruth 4:18-22; Matt 1:1,5).

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