Coming of the kingdom

The Pharisees were looking for visible signs so that they could work out when the Messiah’s kingdom would begin. Jesus told them that since he was the Messiah and was living among them, the Messiah’s kingdom had already begun (Luke 17:20-21; cf. Matt 16:1-4).

Turning to his disciples, Jesus added that one day he would be taken from them. In their longing for him to return they were not to be led astray by rumours and false prophecies. His coming would be visible and unmistakable (Luke 17:22-25).

As in the days of Noah and of Lot, people will be carrying out their everyday duties when the divine judgment will suddenly fall (Luke 17:26-30). It will then be too late for people to do anything to save themselves. There will be an irreversible separation between those who have lived for themselves and those who have put God’s interests first (Luke 17:31-36). God’s great intervention in human affairs will affect people worldwide. Wherever there is sin, there the divine judgment will fall (Luke 17:37).

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