Ezekiel 25 Commentary


Once the exiles had been awakened, Ezekiel’s next task was to instruct them further about God’s future purposes for them. But before doing so, he shows how God will deal with Israel’s former oppressors. God is the controller not only of Israel’s destiny but also of the destinies of other nations. He will not allow sin to go unpunished, and he will especially deal with the four neighbouring nations who supported Babylon at the fall of Jerusalem. (For the nations dealt with in this section, see map located at Isaiah 13-23, where another group of messages to various nations is recorded.)

Ammon, Moab, Edom and Philistia (25:1-17)

The Ammonites had taken wicked delight in seeing Jerusalem and its temple destroyed. Now God is going to deal with them (25:1-3). They will be overrun by desert tribesmen from the east who will turn Ammon’s cities into pasture lands for their animals (4-7).

Moab will suffer the same fate as Ammon. Its sin was to despise Judah’s God, Yahweh, by claiming that he was no different from the gods of other nations. They thought that he was powerless to protect his temple from devastation. He will now show his power by devastating Moab (8-11).

Edom had acted with unnecessary violence and treachery against Judah, and helped Babylon in the final destruction of Jerusalem. The Jews themselves will be God’s instrument in punishing Edom (12-14; see also Ps 137:7; Obad 10-14).

The Philistines, ancient enemies of Israel, had also acted in bitter revenge against Jerusalem when they saw the city about to fall. Therefore, they too will cease to be a nation (15-17)

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