Ezekiel 29 Commentary

Babylon’s victory over Egypt (29:17-21)

A much later prophecy is put into the collection at this point, to show how God’s judgment on Egypt was carried out. The year was 571 BC (17).

Babylon took thirteen years of hard work to conquer Tyre, and this left the Babylonian soldiers worn out. To make matters worse, they did not gain the profit they expected from the conquered city, because the people of Tyre had apparently shipped out much of their wealth during the thirteen years of siege (18). Therefore, the Babylonian forces will turn south and conquer Egypt, assured by God that the rewards of victory in Egypt will compensate for what they missed at Tyre. In both cases they were ‘hired’ by God to carry out his judgment, and he would make sure they received fitting ‘wages’ (19-20). The fulfilment of this prophecy will be proof to Israel of God’s power (21).

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