Jeremiah 39 Commentary

The fall of Jerusalem (39:1-18)

After eighteen months of siege, the Babylonian armies finally broke through the walls of Jerusalem (39:1-2). Zedekiah tried to escape by night, but was quickly captured and brought face to face with the king of Babylon, as Jeremiah foretold. Although he was not executed, Zedekiah suffered cruel treatment


before being taken captive to Babylon (3-7; cf. 34:2-3). The Babylonians then burnt Jerusalem, destroyed the city walls and took the citizens into captivity. They left behind only the poorest of the people, who were of no use to them (8-10).

God protected his servant Jeremiah through the enemy invasion, as he had promised (cf. 1:8). The Babylonians released him from imprisonment and placed him in the care of Gedaliah, the son of Jeremiah’s friend Ahikam (11-14; cf. 26:24). God also protected the African who saved Jeremiah’s life. Through Jeremiah, God assured the man that he would be safe from both the Judean rulers and the enemy soldiers (15-18; cf. 38:8-9).

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