Jeremiah 43 Commentary

The move to Egypt (43:1-13)

In flatly rejecting Jeremiah’s advice, the people gave proof that they had already made up their minds to go to Egypt. In spite of all his previous prophecies’ being proved true, they accused him of being a liar (43:1-2). They also turned against Baruch, who had apparently given similar advice against going to Egypt. They accused him of being a Babylonian agent and of influencing Jeremiah against them (3). They then left for Egypt, forcibly taking Jeremiah and Baruch with them (4-7).

On arriving in Egypt, Jeremiah warned the Judeans that they would still not escape Babylon. He illustrated this by burying two stones in the pavement outside one of Pharaoh’s palaces. On these stones, Jeremiah foretold, Babylon would build its throne; that is, Babylonian power would spread to Egypt (8- 10). Babylon would overpower Egypt with the ease that a shepherd picks insects off his coat. Egypt’s temples would be burnt and its people taken captive (11-13).

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