Movie “Power and the impossible” brings many biblical teachings to

Movie “Power and the impossible” brings many biblical teachings to
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Marked by a true story of overcoming, the film “Power and the Impossible” will be released in Brazilian cinemas on Thursday with a different narrative from the recent Christian films released this year.

The long story tells the moving story of Eric LeMarque, a former professional hockey player and snowboarder, who gets lost in a mountain after being surprised by a large snowfall. The scenes show the young man being tested in his limits and put to the test in search of survival.

During the pre-release of the feature film in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, Ygor Siqueira, director of distributor 360WayUp, spoke about the neutral approach to biblical principles in this film. “Today I like to separate some styles. We have those well evangelical films, the biblical ones and those that speak with the general public, which is the case of this film. It has a lot of essence here, but it’s not a movie that speaks directly about the Bible, “he told Guiame.

“The film is based on a true story, then it comes with a bacana appeal. It is a film that brings many biblical teachings. “He talks about overcoming, about that moment when we do not want to hear the voice of God and we act on our own intuitions, and that ends up generating a consequence,” says Siqueira.

The power and the Impossible will be in more than 200 cinemas in Brazil and features the performances of Josh Hartnett (30 Days of Night and Pearl Harbor) playing Eric LeMarque, Mira Sorvino (you believe), Sarah Dumon and Jason Cottle Act of Courage). In the direction, Scott Waugh (Act of Courage) and with script written by the own Eric LeMarque and Madison Turner.

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