My Lord and My God!

My Lord and My God!

This season of the year is not joyful for everyone. In fact, honestly, many are worried. And when they find themselves plagued with melancholy memories of painful days, they find it difficult to sing the carol of “Noche de Paz”.

Now, before you call me “Pooper”, I suggest you go back to the first century to meet a disciple of Christ who fits into this category. This disciple was a man who always saw the glass half empty. When Jesus invited the twelve to come with him to Bethany, where He planned to resurrect his friend Lazarus, so that they would believe, this dejected soul shrugged and said, “Let us also go to die with Him” (John 11). : 14-16 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available)). Later, when Jesus spoke of his plan to leave the earth, return to glory and “prepare a place” for his followers before returning for them, the same sad individual could not understand what Jesus was saying. So he said in a sarcastic tone: “Lord, if we do not know where you are going, how are we going to know the way?” (14: 5).

Your name? As you probably already guessed, it’s Tom├ís. While his colleagues were on the edge of their seats, receiving the words of Jesus, Thomas leaned back, frowning. Mere words did not move him. His reflective nature did not lower his resistance. And what do you think? The same afternoon after Jesus rose again and stood before them, to bring them words of peace and tranquility, Thomas missed the visit! Soon after when the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the Lord!” Thomas did not believe them. Rather, he said: “But I see in his hands the sign of the nails, and I put my finger in the place of the nails, and put my hand on his side, I will not believe” (20:25).

Jesus did not hurry to convince the man. For eight days, the Lord waited patiently. Who knows how many times the others tried to persuade Thomas? Probably the joy of others only cemented their doubts. Until suddenly one day, unexpected, Jesus returned, and walked through closed doors, standing directly in front of Thomas. Without a word of reproach or shame, He simply showed His palms and moved his tunic to gently invite the enraged individual to touch the scars left by the nails and spear, urging him to believe.

That was it!

Without hesitation, Thomas bowed and exclaimed, “My Lord and my God!” (20: 27-28). The story does not end there. Continue at this Christmas season. Why would I say that? Because of the way Jesus answered Thomas when he finally believed: “Because you have seen me, have you believed? Blessed are those who did not see, and yet believed “(20:29).

There are many who consider it almost impossible to believe in Christ the Lord. Others believe in Him, but even as Christians, they identify with that melancholy and thoughtful disciple-and struggle to believe what Jesus has clearly promised.

Does it sound familiar? Are you struggling with the words of the carols that announce great joy? Do the Christmases cause you an overwhelming weight instead of providing you with a time of rest, reflection and rejoicing?

Take a breath, my friend! Consider the undeniable evidence with eyes of faith. Read again the inspired story of the Savior’s birth. Remember that just as Jesus came-in response to a promise-He has also promised to return for us. He will return for those who have not seen him, and yet have declared him “My Lord and my God!”

* Used with permission of Vision To Live. The biblical teaching ministry of Charles R. Swindoll and Carlos A. Zazueta.

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