Names with letter R and what they mean

Names with letter RNames with letter R
Raamah, greatness; thunder; some sort of evilRei, my shepherd; my companion; my friend
Raamiah, thunder, or evil, from the LordRekem, vain pictures; divers picture
Rabbah, great; powerful; contentiousRemaliah, the exaltation of the Lord
Rabbi, Rabboni, my masterRemmon, greatness; elevation; a pomegranate-tree
Rabmag, who overthrows or destroys a multitudeRemphan, prepared; arrayed
Rab-saris, chief of the eunuchsRephael, the physic or medicine of God
Rab-shakeh, cup-bearer of the princeRephaiah, medicine or refreshment of the Lord
Raca, worthless; good-for-nothingRehpaim, giants; physicians; relaxed
Rachab, same as RahabRephidim, beds; places of rest
Rachal, to whisper; an embalmerResen, a bridle or bit
Rachel, sheepReu, his friend; his shepherd
Raddai, ruling; coming downReuben, who sees the son; the vision of the son
Ragau, friend; shepherdReuel, the shepherd or friend of God
Raguel, shepherd, or friend of GodReumah, lofty; sublime
Rahab, proud; quarrelsome (applied to Egypt)Rezeph, pavement; burning coal
Rahab, large; extended (name of a woman)Rezin, good-will; messenger
Raham, compassion; a friendRezon, lean; small; secret; prince
Rakkath, empty; temple of the headRhegium, rupture; fracture
Rakkon, vain; void; mountain of enjoymentRhesa, will; course
Ram, elevated; sublimeRhoda, a rose
Ramah, same as RamRhodes, same as Rhoda
Ramath, Ramatha, raised; loftyRibai, strife
Ramathaim-zophim, the two watch-towersRiblah, quarrel; greatness to him
Ramath-lehi, elevation of the jaw-boneRimmon, exalted; pomegranate
Ramath-mizpeh, elevation of the watch-towerRinnah, song; rejoicing
Ramiah, exaltation of the LordRiphath, remedy; medicine; release; pardon
Ramoth, eminences; high placesRissah, watering; distillation; dew
Raphah, Raphu, relaxation; physic; comfortRithmah, juniper; noise
Reaiah, vision of the LordRizpah, bed; extension; a coal
Reba, the fourth; a square; that lies or stoops downRogelim, a foot or footman
Rebekah, fat; fattened; a quarrel appeasedRohgah, filled or drunk with talk
Rechab, square; chariot with team of four horsesRomamti-ezer, exaltation of help
Reelaiah, shepherd or companion to the LordRoman, strong; powerful
Regem, that stones or is stoned; purpleRome, strength; power
Regemmelech, he that stones the king; purple of the kingRosh, the head; top, or beginning
Rehabiah, breadth, or extent, of the LordRufus, red
Rehob, breadth; space; extentRuhamah, having obtained mercy
Rehoboam, who sets the people at libertyRumah, exalted; sublime; rejected
Rehoboth, spaces; placesRuth, drunk; satisfied
Rehum, merciful; compassionate-----------------------------------------

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