Names with letter C and what they mean

Names with letter CNames with letter C
Cabbon, as though understandingCherethims, Cherethites, who cut or tear away
Cabul, displeasing; dirtyCherith, cutting; piercing; slaying
Caiphas, he that seeks with diligence; one that vomitethChesed, as a devil, or a destroyer
Cain, possession, or possessedChesil, foolishness
Cainan, possessor; purchaserChesulloth, fearfulness
Calah, favorable; opportunityChidon, a dart
Calcol, nourishingChiliab, totality; or the perfection of the father
Caleb, a dog; a crow; a basketChilion, finished; complete; perfect
Caleb-Ephratah, see EphratahChilmad, teaching or learning
Calneh, our consummationChimham, as they; like to them
Calno, our consummation; altogether himselfChios, open; opening
Calvary, the place of a skullChisleu, Cisleu, Casleu, rashness; confidence
Camon, his resurrectionChislon, hope, trust
Cana, zeal; jealousy; possessionChisloth-tabor, fears; purity
Canaan, merchant; trader; or that humbles and subduesChittem, those that bruise; gold
Candace, who possesses contritionChloe, green herb
Capernaum, the field of repentance; city of comfortChorazin, the secret; here is a mystery
Caphtor, a sphere, buckle, or handChozeba, men liers in wait
Cappadocia, the same as CaphtorChrist, anointed
Carcas, the covering of a lambChun, making ready
Charchemish, a lamb; as taken away; withdrawnChushan-rishathaim, blackness of iniquities
Careah, bald; iceChuza, the seer or prophet
Carmel, circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of cornCilicia, which rolls or overturns
Carmi, my vineyard; lamb of the watersCis, same as Kish
Carpus, fruit; fruitfulClauda, a lamentable voice
Carshena, a lamb; sleepingClaudia, Claudius, lame
Casiphia, money; covetousnessClement, mild; good; merciful
Casluhim, hopes of lifeCleophas, the whole glory
Cedron, black; sadCnidus, age
Cenchrea, millet; small pulseColhozeh, every prophet
Cephas, a rock or stoneColosse, punishment; correction
Cesar, a name applied to those who are cut out of the wombConiah, strength of the Lord
Chalcol, who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the wholeCoos, top, summit
Chaldea, as demons, or as robbersCorinth, which is satisfied; ornament; beauty
Charran, a singing or calling outCornelius, of a horn
Chebar, force or strengthCosam, divining
Chedorlaomer, roundness of a sheafCoz, a thorn
Chelal, as nightCozbi, a liar; sliding away
Chelub, a basketCrescens, growing; increasing
Chelluh, allCrete, carnal; fleshly
Chelubai, he altogether against meCrispus, curled
Chemarims, black onesCush, Cushan, Cushi, Ethiopians; blackness
Chemosh, handling; stroking; taking awayCuth, Cuthah, burning
Chenaanah, broken in piecesCyprus, fair; fairness
Chenani, my pillarCyrene, a wall; coldness; the floor
Chenaniah, preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the LordCyrenius, who governs
Chephirah, a little lionessCyrus, as miserable; as heir
Cheran, anger--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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