Names with letter D and what they mean

Names with letter DNames with letter D
Dabareh, the word; the thing; a bee; obedientDeuteronomy, repetition of the law
Dabbasheth, flowing with honeyDiana, luminous, perfect
Daberath, same as DabarehDiblaim, cluster of figs
Dagon, corn; a fishDiblath, paste of dry figs
Dalaiah, the poor of the LordDibon, abundance of knowledge
Dalmanutha, a bucket; a branchDibon-gad, great understanding; abundance of sons
Dalmatia, deceitful lamps; vain brightnessDibri, an orator
Dalphon, the house of cavesDibzahab, Dizahab, where much gold is
Damaris, a little womanDidymus, a twin; double
Damascus, a sack full of blood; the similitude of burningDiklah, Dildah, his diminishing
Dan, judgment; he that judgesDilean, that is poor
Daniel, judgment of God; God my judgeDimon, where it is red
Dannah, judgingDimonah, dunghill
Darah, generation; house of the shepherd or of the companionDinah, judgment; who judges
Darda, home of knowledgeDinhabah, he gives judgment
Darius, he that informs himself Dionysius, divinely touched
Darkon, of generation; of possessionDiotrephes, nourished by Jupiter
Dathan, laws or ritesDishan, a threshing
David, well-beloved, dearDishon, fatness; ashes
Debir, an orator; a wordDodai, Dodanim, beloved
Deborah, word; thing; a beeDodavah, love
Decapolis, containing ten citiesDodo, his uncle
Dedan, their breasts; friendship; a judgeDoeg, careful, who acts with uneasiness
Dedanim, the descendants of DedanDophkah, a knocking
Dekar, forceDor, generation, habitation
Delaiah, the poor of the LordDorcas, a female roe-deer
Delilah, poor; small; head of hairDothan, the law; custom
Demas, popularDrusilla, watered by the dew
Demetrius, belonging to corn, or to CeresDumali, silence; resemblance
Derbe, a stingDura, same as Dor
Deuel, the knowledge of God--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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