Names with letter G and what they mean

Names with letter GNames with letter G
Gaal, contempt; abominationGergesenes, those who come from pilgrimage or fight
Gaash, tempest; commotionGerizim, cutters, hatchets
Gabbai, the backGershom, a stranger here
Gabbatha, high; elevatedGershon, his banishment; the change of pilgrimage
Gabriel, God is my strengthGeshur, Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley
Gad, a band; a troopGether, the vale of trial or searching
Gadarenes, men of Gadara, i.e., a place surrounded or walledGethsemane, a very fat or plentiful vale
Gaddi, my troop; a kidGeuel, God's redemption
Gaddiel, goat of God; the Lord my happinessGezer, dividing, sentence
Gaius, lord; an earthly manGiah, to guide; draw out; produce; a groan or sigh
Galal, a roll, a wheelGibbar, strong, manly
Galatia, white; the color of milkGibbethon, a back; a high house
Galeed, the heap of witnessGibeah, a hill
Galilee, wheel; revolutionGibeon, hill; cup; thing lifted up
Gallim, who heap up; who coverGiddel, great
Gallio, who sucks, or lives on milkGideon, he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer
Gamaliel, recompense of God; camel of GodGideoni, same as Gideon
Gammadims, dwarfsGihon, valley of grace
Gamul, a recompenseGilalai, a wheel
Gareb, a scabGilboa, revolution of inquiry
Garmites, men of Garmi, ie., bones, or, my causeGilead, the heap or mass of testimony
Gatam, their lowing; their touchGilgal, wheel; rolling; heap
Gath, a wine-pressGiloh, he that rejoices; he that overturns
Gath-rimmon, the high wine-pressGimzo, that bulrush
Gaza, strong; a goatGinath, Ginnetho, a garden
Gazabar, a treasurerGirgashite, who arrives from pilgrimage
Gazer, a dividing; a sentenceGispa, coming hither
Gazez, a passing overGittah-hepher, digging; a wine-press
Gazzam, the fleece of themGittaim, a wine-press
Geba, a hill; cupGittites, men of Gath, ie., of a wine-press
Gebal, bound; limitGoath, his touching; his roaring
Geber, manly, strongGob, cistern; grasshopper
Gebim, grasshoppers; heightGog, roof; covering
Gedaliah, God is my greatnessGolan, passage; revolution
Geder, Gederah, Gederoth, a wallGolgotha, a heap of skulls; something skull-shaped
Gederothaim, hedgesGoliath, passage; revolution; heap
Gehazi, valley of sightGomer, to finish; complete
Geliloth, rolling, wheel, heapGomorrah, rebellious people
Gemalli, wares; a camelGoshen, approaching; drawing near
Gemariah, accomplishment or perfection of the LordGozan, fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body
Gennesaret, garden of the princeGudgodah, happiness
Genesis, beginningGuni, a garden; a covering
Genubath, theft; robberyGur, the young of a beast; a whelp
Gera, pilgrimage, combat; disputeGur-baal, the governor's whelp
Gerar, same as Gera --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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