What does the word ornament mean?

The word ornato is a cultism that comes from the Latin ornatus-us (equipment, equipment, tool, adornment, ornament), name of effect or result of the verb ornare (to adorn, equip, provide). From the root of this Latin verb other words arise such as ornamentation, ornaments, adornment, decoration and bribes.

The ornaments are used especially when it comes to sacred clothing and altar ornaments. … The decoration of a temple or palace consists of the abundance and splendor of ornaments. The adornments are not said, but the adornment (or attire) of a luxuriously dressed person.

Adorno, Atravio, but the man of heart who hides, in the indestructible adornment of a pleasant and peaceful spirit, who has great appreciation before God. 1 Peter 3: 4

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