PASTOR ALERT TO THE CHURCHES !! Jezebel care is in the church, look who is Jezebel

PASTOR ALERT TO THE CHURCHES !! Jezebel care is in the church, look who is Jezebel

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Shane Idleman warned about the danger of “theological liberalism”, which confuses the grace and love of God with passivity and acceptance of sins.

Jezebel has her name usually associated with idolatry and prostitution, due to the biblical story, in which she exalted her offerings to Baal and also challenged the authority of the prophet Elijah.

In Revelation 2:20, Jesus addresses the church in Thyatira, warning of the dangers of being influenced by the teachings of a bad woman like Jezebel.

But who was Jezebel? According to the American pastor Shane Idleman, leader and founder of the Westside Christian Fellowship Church, in Leona Valley, California, he recalled in one of his articles for the site “Charisma News” this woman who was said to “prophesy” ended up “attracting Israel to practice idolatry. ”

“Psalm 106: 35-37 lets us glimpse the devastation: ‘but they mixed among the nations and learned their works, they served their idols, which were a trap for them. Yes, they sacrificed their children and their daughters to demons, “the pastor recalled.

Pastor Shane warned that Christians who face this passage, before being scandalized by the sin of those parents who sacrifice their own children at the altar, should ask themselves if they themselves are not, in some way committing the same sin in the current days in a more “subtle” way, but no less serious.

“Before judging, we do not sacrifice our children and those not yet born on the altar of convenience and pleasure, what do we allow to enter our homes through the Internet and television? What we allow in our churches while we continue to embrace sexual practice is not the first time that a man and a woman, the seduction of Jezebel, is alive and alive. ”

The minister continued his alert, remembering that the seduction around sexual perversion and other sins should not be underestimated.

“The power of Jezebel’s seduction is as strong as a source of fuel, this seduction is well alive in those who continue to nourish their desires, the more you feed your flesh, the stronger it will become. For example, if a call of type “Hello, click here to see my photos” appear on your smartphone or computer, the seduction to click is even stronger for the person who feeds that idol of sexual immorality often but very weak for the person filled with the Spirit of God, “he explained.

Pastor Shane noted that the church in Thyatira had the opportunity to get away from sexual perversion, but did not take advantage of it, as quoted in Revelation 2: 21-22 and contextualized the biblical passage for the days lived by Christians in postmodern society.

“God gives us time for repentance, there are no excuses, sexual sin is condemnable and destructive, only when we expose, confess and repent, seduction begins to lose its control, Satan is subtle, in no hurry. “It drops more and more high, then the fall is greater. Expose your sin before your sin exposes it, “he said.

Shane continued his reflection on the danger of Christians who adopt a “more liberal Gospel”, confusing the love of God with the acceptance of their sins.

“The liberal trend today promotes tolerance:” A loving God would let me do what I want, “they say. This is not love, it is passivity, very similar to a father who allows a child to play something more dangerous at home, just because he is “bored” of the same jokes as always, “he explained.

The writer warned about the danger of pornography, which will give no respite, and has reached increasingly worrying levels, literally becoming a way of death.

“The pornography epidemic will continue to pervert with the ultimate goal of destroying. Ariel Castro, who was denounced in 2013 for kidnapping three women in the United States and keeping them in captivity for 10 years, admitted that he had a strong vice in pornography and fed his life, that he committed suicide in prison, his idol promised pleasure, but brought death and destruction, “he warned.

“What is diverting you, what seduces you? Do not be mistaken, one’s sins affect others, families are destroyed with one sin at a time, one “commitment” at a time, one’s seduction “The problem is not” out there “, he is here inside, in the heart of man, “he added. “Do not be seduced by the spirit of Jezebel, who is still alive today, come back to God today, repent, believe and be liberated.”

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