Psalms 101 Commentary

Psalm 101 Principles of government

David here sets out the principles he sought to follow in his government of Israel. In view of the high ideals outlined here, it is not surprising that people such as Joab, Ahithophel and Absalom found David a hindrance to the success of their devious plans and selfish ambitions.

The chief concerns of David are loyalty to God and justice to his people. In his personal life he is determined to be strictly honest, pure in thoughts and actions, and uncompromisingly opposed to all evil (1-4). As for those who live in his palace, his ministers and officials, he will not tolerate any who are treacherous, proud, deceitful or untruthful. He will accept only those who are trustworthy and blameless (5-7). As for the people he governs, he will be strictly just in punishing the wicked, no matter how much money and power they may have (8).

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