Psalms 19 Commentary

Psalm 19 Knowing God

The wonders of the universe display God’s glory, power and wisdom. Although these things cannot speak, day after day they tell people that there is a God and teach them something of his nature (1-4a). The sun, with its splendour and brilliance, is a particularly notable witness to God’s glory (4b-6).


If, however, people are to know God personally and live according to his will, they need a more detailed knowledge than the physical creation can provide. They need God’s written Word. That Word is the authoritative revelation of God’s will for them. The knowledge that comes from it gives them new life, confidence, wisdom, joy, understanding and purity (7-9). It has a worth that is beyond value, and brings an enjoyment that is beyond comparison (10). It warns and instructs people, making them more sensitive to sin and giving them an increased desire to cleanse their lives and live blamelessly (11-13). As the Word does its work, they will want all their thoughts, words and actions to be pleasing to God (14).

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