Psalms 70 Commentary

Psalms 70-71 A lifetime of faithful service

Psalm 70 is the same as Psalm 40:13-17 (see notes). It appears in the collection as a separate psalm probably because it was short and suitable for use in temple services on certain occasions.

In Psalm 71 the believer is pictured looking back on a long life and recalling how the wicked always have opposed him. But just as God has protected him since childhood, so he will continue to do so now (71:1-6). The psalmist’s life has been a constant example of the believer’s trust and God’s faithfulness (7- 8). He prays that now, at this late stage in life, God will not withdraw his protective care. He wants no one to have cause to accuse him or God of unfaithfulness (9-13). From his youth he has proclaimed the great saving acts of God. He prays that God will not disappoint him now, and that he will continue to proclaim the message of divine salvation till life’s end (14-18).

The psalmist is confident that God will give him the extra years and added strength that he needs to complete his life’s work (19-21). Such assurance leads him to a final outburst of praise to this God of faithfulness and righteousness (22-24).

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