Psalms 77 Commentary

Psalm 77 Has God’s favour of old changed?

Once again Asaph has a problem that is causing him much anxiety. (For his earlier problem see Psalm 73.) He cries to God in his distress but receives no answer (1-2). The more he thinks of God’s dealings with him, the more distressed he becomes. It seems that God not only refuses to comfort him, but even prevents him from sleeping (3-4). So as he lies awake on his bed, he thinks of God’s kindness to him


in days gone by (5-6). God was gracious to him then; has he forgotten him now? It certainly seems so. It is as if God no longer helps him (7-10).

As his thoughts go beyond his troubles his confidence in the controlling care of God returns. The whole history of Israel is proof of God’s love and power (11-15). Events of particular note are Israel’s crossing of the Red Sea and God’s coming to his people at Mount Sinai (16-19). These events are an encouragement to Asaph. He knows that the God who guided Moses and Aaron is still the shepherd of his people (20).

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