Psalms 81 Commentary

Psalm 81 A festival song

In the traditions that grew up around the Jewish festivals, this song was sung annually at the Feast of Tabernacles. (For this feast see Lev 23:33-36,39-43.) The song opens with a reminder of God’s command to keep this joyous festival in remembrance of his goodness in saving his people from Egypt (1-5).

God then recounts how he lifted the burden of slavery from the backs of his people and looked after them as they travelled through the barren countryside (6-7). At Mount Sinai he gave them his law, adding a promise that he would continue to provide for them if they were faithful to him (8-10). But their stubborn disobedience prevented them from receiving God’s blessing (11-12). God still desires his people’s repentance and wholehearted loyalty; then he can pour out more of his blessings upon them. He can give them help and provision far greater than anything their ancestors experienced in the wilderness (13-16).

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