Psalms 90 Commentary

BOOK 4: PSALMS 90-106

Psalm 90 Making the most of a short life

God alone is permanent and enduring, and therefore the only true security is found in him (1-2). Human life, by contrast, is short and uncertain, and is brought to an end as God decides and when he chooses. No matter how long a person lives, even to a thousand years, the number of years is insignificant compared with the timelessness of God (3-6).

Sin has spoiled human life and brought God’s judgment upon people in the form of life’s troubles and finally death (7-10). The ungodly live to please themselves. They do not fear God and do not consider that they are spending their lives building up God’s judgment against them. Those who love God should therefore seek God’s wisdom, so that they might use their short lives in the best way possible (11-12).

Since the psalmist wants to live his life wisely, he asks for God’s help. Then sorrow will be replaced by joy, and his life will become one of fruitful service for God (13-17).

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