This is perceived as a proclamation of a situation, a duty or a commitment. Throughout history, collective declarations of war or independence, commitments or agreements have multiplied.

In law, a statement is made when it refers to testimony given before a court or before an authorized person, either by witnesses or by fault.

In administrative law, there are many occasions in which written and verbal declarations must be made: taxes, payments, property, liquidation, etc.

Particularly the moral approach can give rise to the “sworn statements” that are the formulas made under religious meaning, which usually put God as a witness that what is said or expressed in writing is in accordance with the truth.

If such declarations imply a faithful oath from those who have the right to demand it, for example before a religious authority, there is no doubt that they imply a religious obligation.

It is a true oath and implies sincerity, preparation, reflection and sufficient illustration of conscience.

If it is a simple bureaucratic formula, traditionally maintained in some societies, it has no more value than the form, similar to when one promises to “kiss His Majesty’s feet” or wish someone “God grant you many years of life and abundance. “.

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