The Christian home, praise and joy

The Christian home, praise and joy

Let us imagine for a moment that we live in the time when the extraordinary miracle happened that is narrated in Acts 3. Open with Logos Software Bible (if available), when Peter and John healed a lame man in the name of Jesus at the entrance of the temple from Jerusalem, and that we present ourselves in this man’s house the day after he was healed. What is the environment we would expect to find in that home? Most likely we will find a climate of wonder and gratitude, everyone talking about the amazing fact that happened the previous day; to each neighbor that arrives, to each relative and acquaintance they tell the same story, again and again.

But suppose we visited this house 6 months later, what should we find there? Before answering this question, let me tell you what we might find in many homes. The time of amazement has passed, and people got used to the initial effect of the miracle and everything returned to normality; that initial joy, that spirit of gratitude and praise, has evaporated.

Now, should it be like this? Not necessarily. We understand that the manifestation of the uproar of the next day of healing has varied in its manifestations; but it is supposed that this man and this family should keep fresh in their memories what God did for them, and thus maintain the same spirit of joy, gratitude and praise. It is assumed that as the days pass, this man will discover new reasons within his new condition to continue giving thanks to God and rejoicing in what he has done for him. Now he can mobilize on his own, go out to work and not depend on public charity. When friends invite him to go walking around, and this man, who spent his whole life confined to certain places, suddenly finds himself able to go out here and there, to see things he had never seen, each one of those Experiences must become additional reasons to continue cultivating a grateful and joyful spirit, a spirit of praise and worship.

And if that is so in the case of a man who has been the recipient of a miracle of healing, how much more so in the case of those who have been the recipients of the redeeming work of Christ.

Let’s think for a moment about what Christ has done for each Christian. Here we have a sinner who had no idea of the terrible condition he was in, nor of the hell that awaited him at the end of his days. He does not know that he is a slave; that his spiritual father, his master and lord is the devil, the enemy of his soul who is trying by all possible means to destroy it completely.

This individual is alone in the world, without hope and without God. He knows people, and he has friends, but even if he were lucky enough to have faithful friends, they are human beings with their limitations, with their own problems. And suddenly he comes in contact with the gospel, his eyes are opened to see his condition and what Christ did to save sinners like him, he repents of his sins and he turns to the Lord.

And a whole universe of new things opens before your eyes. Now he knows that he was chosen for salvation from before the foundation of the world, that all his sins were forgiven because Christ, the Son of God, paid his full debt by dying like a criminal on a cross. Now he knows that he has a Father in heaven, lover, good, wise, omniscient, almighty. He knows that he has a Savior who has promised to be with him every day until the end of the world. He knows that he can enter the throne of God as often as he wants, and find there the grace he needs for timely help.

He knows that he has a perfect manual, the Sacred Scriptures, through which he can govern his life in all aspects: his relationship with God, his family life, work, etc. And above all things, a book through which God himself reveals himself more and more deeply. Now he knows what the purpose of his existence is, his reason for living; He knows what awaits him after death, so he can live and die with confidence because his hope is so great.


What is the climate that should be felt in this man’s home? We know that he will have to face the difficulties and problems of living in a fallen world, he does not live in a glass bubble; At times he will fight with discouragement and discouragement of spirit, he has struggles with his own sins. But still the question remains, what should be the climate prevailing in the home of a man, of a woman, who has been saved by the grace of God, who has received all the benefits of the redeeming work of Christ? What is the atmosphere that should characterize that home?

Should it be a gloomy and somber place, tense, without joy? Or should it be a place where, without being light and superficial, a climate of joy, gratitude to God and praise is generally perceived? It says in Psalm 118: 15Open with Logos Bible Software (if available): “A voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tents of the righteous.” God expects His praises to be heard in the house of the righteous. Not only in the broader context of temple worship, but also in the more private context of family life.

It draws my attention how in the book of Deuteronomy God insists again and again on the fact that we rejoice with our families in the blessings of God (Deut 12: 7 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available), 12 Open with Bible Software Logos (if available), 18 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available), 14: 26 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available), 16: 11 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available), 14 Open with Logos Bible Software ( if available)). The emphasis of these texts is not on the delight and individual joy of the believer in his communion with God, but rather on a sharing of that joy with the members of our family.

We know that there are times when we go through periods of crisis; Every family knows situations like this, even moments of tension. The question is, what is the usual climate of your home? Is it a place where expressions of joy, gratitude and praise to God are not strange and infrequent? Is it evident to the people living near you that God is worshiped in your home?

There is not a single thing in this world that can fill the heart with more joy and joy than being close to God, living in communion with Him and walking in His ways. Says the psalmist in Ps. 4: 7 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available): “You gave my heart greater joy than theirs when their grain and must were plentiful.”

The men of the world rejoice in their prosperity, and yet David says to God: “The joy you give me is greater.” Our joy is greater. Nothing can replace the joy of the believer who delights in God. And when we are seduced to seek that delight in other things of this world, the final result will be, without a doubt, sadness and frustration (Jer.2: 11-13 Open with Logos Bible Software (if available)).

Christ came to give us life, life in abundance; He is the source of living water that calms our thirst; Only in Him can our souls find full satisfaction, satisfaction that is expressed and increased in our adoration to Him.

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