Thou shalt not take the name of the everlasting God in vain

Thou shalt not take the name of the everlasting God in vain

This command covers more than we can imagine. To begin, make it clear that we should not use God’s name without carefully considering what we are saying. There are many common phrases in our society that show a huge lack of respect for God. We shouldn’t even think about saying them! Obviously, we are not to curse, blaspheme, or take oaths in the name of God.

There are other types of phrases that use the name of God as an exclamation or to express the desire that something be done. We must also be very careful with these phrases and avoid them. God’s name must be praised and sanctified at all times (Matthew 6: 9; Psalm 29: 1-2). No matter how much society accepts him, we, God’s children, should no longer use his name.

Another aspect of this commandment is that we call ourselves Christians (which means little Christs, followers of Jesus) by tradition, but we continue to live as we please. If we call ourselves Christians, we must live pleasing God and see to it that he is glorified through our actions. Otherwise, we will use your name in vain.

If we affirm that we have communion with him but we live in darkness, we lie and do not put the truth into practice.
(1 John: 6)

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