Titus 2 Commentary


Different people in the church (2:1-10)

The best way to resist wrong teaching is to give positive instruction in Christian doctrine and its moral application. This will produce spiritual growth and right behaviour in all groups alike, regardless of age or social background. Older men, for instance, should set an example of a well balanced Christian life (2:1-2). Older women also should be a good example. If their lives are free of such bad habits as gossip and social climbing, the younger women are more likely to benefit from their advice and learn how to carry out their responsibilities in the home (3-5).

In encouraging the young men to be self-controlled, Titus himself should be an example. By being careful in his behaviour and speech, he can prevent his opponents from finding any cause to criticize either him or his teaching (6-8). Slaves also can demonstrate the value of the Christian teaching by being obedient, cooperative and honest at all times, no matter how their masters treat them (9-10).


God’s grace changes lives (2:11-3:11)

People are saved only by God’s grace – that loving and merciful attitude of God that freely gives his immeasurable blessings to those who do not deserve them. When people accept the salvation that this grace brings, they learn that their most fitting response is to turn from their former sinful ways and follow the ways of God. They have a desire for holiness, and this desire is increased by their anticipation of Christ’s return (11-13). Christ died not merely to save people from the penalty of sin, but to save them from all wickedness. He wants them to be pure in their everyday lives and eager to do good (14).

Titus must teach these truths vigorously. The Christian teacher must make it clear that God places moral responsibilities upon all who have faith in Jesus Christ (15).

Christians should be obedient to the civil authorities, and courteous and helpful to all. They should have a concern for the good of the society in which they live, and do all they can to promote peace and harmony in the community (3:1-2). Their new lives will be different from their former lives, because God in his grace has cleansed the past, made them new people, and poured out his Holy Spirit upon them.

They are saved not because of anything they have done, but because of what God has done for them (3-6). God has declared them righteous, so that they are now acceptable to him. They have eternal life now, and can look forward to the full enjoyment of this life when Jesus Christ returns (7).

Titus must teach plainly this gospel which Paul has just summarized. He must emphasize that if people truly believe it, their lives will be changed. Although they are not saved by good works (see v. 5), they must now devote themselves to producing good works (8). Because of this positive approach to the Christian life, they must not waste time arguing about senseless topics. In fact, they should avoid people who specialize in such things. These teachings are not merely unprofitable, they are harmful, because they lead to quarrels and divisions (9-11).

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