What kind of food did Jesus eat according to the Bible

The foods that were consumed during the time of Jesus were: Lamb meat, ox, fish, grains, bread, honey and legumes are part of the food intake that the Son of God consumed.

The Bible, which is from the book that documents the life of Jesus, records that he ate fish, according to the Gospel of Luke, chapter 24 and verse 42 and 43, where it tells verbatim. “Then they offered him part of a broiled fish and a honeycomb.

Fish as food becomes present in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 14 verse 17 to 21.

The Old Testament in the work of Deuteronomy in its chapter 16 and verses 5 and 6 explains the Easter festival where a sheep or ox was sacrificed, it should be roasted and eaten in the temple.

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Those who have little money ate barley bread, the rich of wheat. The grain was ground between 2 rock millstones, work that was almost constantly referred to as ladies.

The toasted wheat grains mentioned in the Bible were also a seasoning for meats.

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