Where are the clothes of Jesus with which he died

Santa Túnica is called one of the articles of clothing worn by Jesus of Nazareth before being crucified. Precisely, we are talking about the innermost part of the clothing that covered his human body and on which he wore other garments that were the ones that were visible.

Both the garment itself and the act of stripping Jesus of it, leaving his human body in sight, were considered by the Catholic temple as symbols for points of Christian ideology.

There are currently numerous relics that claim to be the garment that Jesus wore in the moments before his crucifixion. These relics are found (in alphabetical order) in Germany, France and Russia. All of them are linked to a different tradition to base their presence on the respective sites where they are deposited.

Although the sanctuary does not rule on the veracity of any of them, it admits its veneration, not as an object in itself, but as a representation of Christian resources as well as a pictorial or sculptural representation of Jesus Christ.

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