Who was Abel

Abel was the second son of Adam and Eve, he was killed by his older brother Cain. His story is found in the book of Genesis and he is mentioned briefly in the New Testament because God was pleased with his offering as he had given the best to God.

Abel is recognized for being the first shepherd of sheep; moreover, he was the first person recorded in the Holy Scriptures to offer animal sacrifices (perhaps Adam had done it before him); and he is the first man declared righteous in the Bible; and the first martyr.

Regarding the meaning of the name Abel, some maintain that it means “breath” or “steam”, applied perhaps because of his short life.

Other interpreters hold that the name is linked to the Akkadian aplu, meaning “son”. However, due to the difficulty of knowing what kind of language was spoken at that time, these are only conjectures.

Abel offered to God “the firstborn of the flock,” and this sacrifice was more pleasing to the Lord than that offered by his brother. Cain’s sacrifice consisted of a composite of grain and vegetables.

The Bible is not explicit in the text whether his offering was preferred by God because it included life (animal sacrifice), or because he made his offering in a more sincere spirit.

how abel died
He died by the very hands of his brother Cain, the first murder in the world.

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