Who was Moses

Born in the 14th century BC. .Goshen, Ancient Egypt
He died in the 13th century BC. C. Mount Nebo
Residence Egypt, Sinai and Midian
Judaism religion

Old Testament prophet who led the Israelites out of Egyptian captivity and gave them religious, social, and dietary laws, which he received from God by revelation. Moses’ ministry extended beyond the limits of his earthly existence.
he is the most important prophet of Judaism, who frees the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt and is authorized by God to dictate the written law and, according to the rabbis, the oral law, which was later codified in the Mishnah.

Christianity inherited this image from Moses, whom it venerates as redeemer and legislator, and therefore the expectation of Christ. In both traditions, Moses wrote the Pentateuch, or Torah in Hebrew, the first five books of the Bible that contain law, hence it is called the Law of Moses. In Islam, Moses is one of the most mentioned prophets (136 times) in the Qur’an. These references say that Moses is the messenger sent to the people of Israel and the only one who listened directly to God, that is why he is called kalîm Allah. Quranic interpretations take over and sometimes rewrite the stories of Moses in the Bible and the Haggadah to emphasize the parallel between Moses and Muhammad that the former would have indicated. In all Abrahamic religions, Moses is a central figure as prophet and lawgiver.

Exodus is the main and oldest source of Moses, a sacred book about the life and work of the prophet and his relatives and inheritance. He was born in Egypt, the son of Amram and Jochebed, both from the tribe of Levi. At that time, Pharaoh (name unknown), in order to control the Jewish population, ordered all the girls to be thrown into the Nile, Moses’ mother put him in a basket in the river, from where Pharaoh’s daughter (the midrash calls her Bitiah), who raises it as her own. In his youth he kills an Egyptian who mistreated a Hebrew and flees into the desert of the land of Midian. There he gets married and receives a divine revelation on Mount Sinai. He returns to Egypt at God’s command and together with his brother Aaron demands the freedom of the Israelites from Pharaoh (name unknown); Faced with the sovereign’s refusal, they invoke the ten biblical plagues on Egypt. Thanks to them, the Hebrews are freed and Moses leads them to Sinai. There he receives the law, delivers it to the nation of Israel, and organizes its institutions and worship. Finally, after spending years in the desert, he leads the people to the Promised Land, but dies on Mount Nebo (in Transjordan) before getting there. The Bible does not mention where Moses was buried.

Rabbinic Judaism says that the life of Moses lasts from 1391 B.C. to 1271 B.C., while Jerome places it in 1592 B.C. C.10 and James Ussher in 1571 BC. C.11​
What was the sea that Israel crossed when he left Egypt?
Crossing the waters of the Red Sea described in the Bible

Who replaced Moses
Joshua asked the Israelites to remove twelve stones from the bottom of the river. And he piled up stones to remind the Israelites of the miracles the Lord had done that day. Joshua led the Israelite army into the land of Canaan. They came to a city called Jericho.

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