Who was Noah

Born in Mesopotamia (Iraq)
He died when he was 350 years old.


Noah’s generation was corrupt. Ten generations had passed since Adam, and the population seemed to have completely forgotten about God. Society was completely corrupt and violence permeated everything. Things were so bad that God decided to destroy the earth with a flood.
It would be a mistake to think that the people who lived in Noah’s time were primitive. They were close to the perfection of the first people, Adam and Eve. They had unlimited potential and were highly developed, but unfortunately they only used their talents for evil.

The people of Noah’s day were self-centered and obsessed with pleasure. They completely forgot where their powers came from. Do you see parallels with today’s society?
God was not humble or hasty in sending the flood. God loves people, but he does not tolerate sin. The world was still relatively young, but it had to be cleaned up.

Although the time had come to cleanse planet Earth, there was still a small group of people who remained faithful to God. Noah was a good man who walked with God. According to the Bible, he lived “justly.”

Noah and his family were chosen to warn the people of the coming flood. God told Noah to build a big ship called an ark to keep them and all the animals safe. It was an act of God’s grace when he recognized that some people still followed his example despite cultural pressure.
According to his faith, Noah accepted God’s call. He chose to follow God, no matter how strange or terrifying his prayer was.

What covenant did God make with Noah?
God makes a covenant with Noah and his offspring, saying that he will never destroy the earth with a flood (Genesis 9:8-17).

How many children did Noah have?
Noah entered the ark with his wife and his three sons (Shem, Ham, and Japheth) and with his wife.

Because God flooded the earth with the flood
Genesis, God, seeing the evil that had grown in humanity, decided to destroy it along with other living beings.

That I represent Noah’s alliance with God
God gives a rainbow as a sign of his promise. Although the earth has radically changed, the goals of God’s work remain the same.

Who were saved in Noah’s ark
The only people who were saved were Noah and his wife, his three sons and his wives.

How the ark was built Genesis 6:1

It tells us that God commanded Noah to build an ark out of well-carved wood, divided into sections and silicone-sealed inside and out. He also indicated what its dimensions should be: 300 cubits long, 50 cubits in radius, and 30 cubits deep. Therefore, if we consider that the cubit mentioned in the Bible was the average distance between the elbow and the tip of the fingers of an adult, and according to the value of time, it could correspond to 5.6. centimeters, we obtain that the length of the sheet is 136 meters, the radius is 22.8 and the depth is 13.6.

It should be noted that the length/beam and length/depth ratios used in sheet construction, more typical of shipbuilding in the 1970s, were used earlier when boats were not as slim. But the coincidences do not end there. If we look at this passage, we see that Noah also received a pronounced transverse curve of the upper deck, one cubit high. And surprisingly, this measurement is also consistent with the sudden standard of the 1970s, which was derived from the radius/50 ratio, which in this case corresponds to a measurement of 0.56 meters.

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