8 false doctrines that are being preached in the churches

8 False doctrines that are being preached in the churches. It is to know that for our journeys we would have false teachers who would teach us rebellious things to which the representations say. Among them we have brought a few for our concept and reflection. “Every concept we must submit to the faithfulness of the Almighty and explore if that is biblical” Our duty as a fortress is to become a gospel without sin, a gospel of performance which is the gospel of our beloved Jesus God. So today we bring some teachings that are not biblical and are preached as if they were biblical inside the apostolic cathedrals, and our duty as watchmen of the gospel is to stand up and keep the doctrine of our beloved God Jesus Christ.

1- The examination of the representations is useless, the light of the Holy Spirit is enough.
Many teachers to give fortitude and a blow of veracity to this doctrine use the subsequent biblical passage: which still made us effective ministers of a new agreement, not of the letrilla, but of the soul; because the letter kills, but the soul vivifies. 2 Corinthians 3: 6

They use this verse to proclaim that we don’t have to focus on meditating on Jehovah’s speech so much. But we know that this is not what he wants to delegate to us, since other songs tell us that we have to observe the voice of Jehovah to know Him each succession more and more. In the same way, I have seen profuse assure that it is not important to protect a Bible school because the Spirit will teach us everything. I agree that the Spirit will teach us everything, however we must know that this is the voice of Jesus Christ and that the Spirit will guide us through it.

2- Father has the last voice This has become to a great extent famous in the communiqués of apostolic Churches on the planet, we have a column of evangelizers telling us this prestigious expression. The effectiveness of this is that Jehovah does not have the last voice over our ages, He always has the first faithfulness, He is not a second course, He is always the primitive, He is always the former. This is a beginning that we must always discern.

3- If you repeat this argument you will be saved The sinner’s argument has been held in a vital doctrine in the groups. Let us remember how in the book of Acts of the propagators when the apostle Peter got up to Christianize and some were convinced by the Spirit, it says that they, tearful of soul, asked Peter: What should we carry out? Peter answered them: Repent each one and be baptized. Peter said to them: Repent, and each one of you be baptized in the renown of the Lord for a jubilee of stumbling blocks; and you will receive the talent of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:38

4- Call the devils for their renown and reprimand them I have warned profuse propagators to act practically a list of demons and begin to name them in the pulpit to reprimand them one by one, this is not a behavior that we will find in the voice of Jehovah . When we are in the Church our duty is to glorify the Most High. Let us remember the following: “submit yourselves, since, to Messiah; resist satan, and he will flee from you. ” James 4: 7 “we just have to follow Almighty and his promise and the devil will flee from us.”

5- Interpretation of ideals In Sacred Scripture we can admire any that the Most High used in the performance of mirages, as was Joseph. But the evil in this period is many people without the potential to read have “interpreted” the dreams in the wrong way. In a way they have cultivated witchcraft, saying that if the dream was with X thing it means X thing and everything is emblematic. But we know that this is not the same.

6- Our promise has yield From the beginning the only faithfulness that has yield is the offering of Jehovah. Let’s read Genesis Chapter 1.

7- The only thing he sees is the highest interior. Many inhabitants have taken this to mean that Jesus Christ only sees our sentimentality and that is why we can put ourselves in any case, approach anyway and in the end the only thing that Almighty sees is our sentimentality. So, brothers, I roll you by the mercy of the Almighty, that you present your beings in living, holy, delightful selflessness to the Most High, who is your reasonable worship. Romans 12: 1 Not only our sentimentality is what we must expose to the Lord, but our whole thickness, our whole being.

8- That Satan inherit spirits to hell And do not fear those who kill the volume, but the spirit cannot lynch; fear more correctly the one who can overcome the heart and the thickness on the way of the cross. Matthew 10:28 Almighty is the only one who has the splendor and the authority to edit the interiors to the abyss. Let us remember what it tells us in the text of Revelation for the final journey: And the one that was not found recorded in the text of existence was thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:15

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