Christian Gift Bracelets

Christian Gift Bracelets
Did you know that bracelets have the function of contrasting and differentiating the hands, arms and wrist?

Bracelets and bangles were both present in ancient civilizations, from the Bronze Age onwards, which used to have a simple circular or spiral shape.

Types of Bracelets

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Previously, bracelets were made of gold and displayed and represented the economic power of the user. They were used as a symbol on the wrist, were related to the stars and influenced the stages of human development.

In Hindu culture, women wore various ornaments for their hair, neck and ears, but especially on the arms, they were completely covered by bracelets and bangles. Even today, bracelets are still very important in India, although their value has decreased due to overexploitation of resources. Women who marry in this culture must incorporate a bracelet as a symbol of marriage.

Bracelets have been found in ancient Egypt on mummies, in tombs from certain prehistoric periods, and are seen on many of the characters from the ancient Syrian empire. The Egyptians used them in a cylindrical shape and in two pieces, which came to be decorated with stone inlays. The Phoenicians who made their bracelets in the form of rings, open or topped with animal heads.