Engagement Christian

Engagement Christian

Hello everyone in this blog we make pleasant the advice or situations or experiences that we all spend in this life, of course in a Christian way, this time we will talk about the engagement, we will say it in a personal way and in the Christian field, the engagement As every young person is not kissing, hugging and even sometimes can reach sexual relations and be very careful with the latter since you would enter into sin, it is not that brother the flesh, the flesh tempted me and tell me what you did for your spirit was strong? and not fall into sin.


This is where we young people because I also get involved since I am not married, in these difficult times and I say difficult since there are pornographic movies, soap operas with scenes that you already know, magazines, Internet, social networks, everything This has been degenerating the mind of young people and clear with me there is no exception I am frank, we as Christians must understand that the engagement is for a future is to see that this person is the right one, not only see their physical part , is also to see his way of being, his way of expressing himself, see if he really loves us for what we are and first of all that he loves God and has the fear of God, but for that we look for God to make God his will in our lives, remember that marriage is 80% of our lives and the rest 20% are our childhood and adolescence.


Do not look for people for money brothers or because it is beautiful or beautiful see their qualities also that it is useless to have half an hour of pleasure and the rest of their days a hell on this earth, so they know how to choose that person well the courtship is beautiful when Jesus is the center of it.


the engagement
the engagement
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