Today we will talk about the biblical meaning of feats; one of the words that God uses in his word to show us his power and omnipotence.

According to the dictionary, achievement means achievement, courage or brave action. That is, it is an action, a movement, a specific task or a change of character that occurs to a person at a certain time due to their circumstances.

According to the Bible, the meaning of feats is not that different from the dictionary. Let’s consider some examples: Deuteronomy 3:24 shows us the word “mighty things” as attributes not of man but of God himself. In different versions of Reina-Valera 1960 in the same section, “ability” is translated as: miracles, miracles, mighty feats, great works, and courage.

On the other hand, this quality is given to certain characters of the writing, in the case of the verse of 2 Samuel 23:20 a soldier named Benaías is described, who characterizes him as a very brave man with great achievements.

We can conclude that the biblical meaning of achievement is much more than an attribute or quality that exemplifies a brave, courageous and powerful being.

The biblical meaning of ability does not focus on the abilities of man but on the abilities of God.

With God’s help, we will accomplish feats, because he will trample on our enemies. Psalm 60:12.

The biblical meaning of ability, a living promise in man

Leaning on the verse of 2 Samuel 23:20, you can read how David praises his powerful men, one of whom is Benaiah, when we read the first verses of the same chapter we see something surprising.

David in his last words, after a life full of fame, gives all the glory to God. Because he was the first to elect him king of Israel, who also gave him victories, wisdom and helped him in times of need. David acknowledges the sovereignty and accomplishments of God throughout his life.

Therefore, God gave David the army and the warriors. God authorized every member of Israel during His reign. It was through his hand that the victors, it was with his hand that Benaía did.

All the men and women mentioned in the Bible, to whom certain achievements are attributed, were consciously guided, aided, maintained, and restored by God at all times.

We are described as clay pots that hide a treasure brighter and more important than ourselves, more important than our weaknesses.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, so the extraordinary greatness of power comes from God and not from us. 2 Corinthians 4: 7

Examples of biblical ability

You may be thinking something like: it would be great to achieve, but how do you go about it? I am not David, I do not have the courage to fight a Goliath or the strength to be in battle, much less the wisdom to rule a country.

If you notice it, none of these qualities are unique to the character. In other words, these properties do not come from the “factory”.

David was not born brave, he became brave. He was not born a leader, he became a leader. He was not born wise, he became wise. And on the contrary, as society believes, this did not happen for its own benefit, but through the direct action of the hand of God.

While we are on a pilgrimage as believers in God in our walk, his works and wonders are manifested.

David had no superpowers. He was despised for being the youngest. He only served as a pastor while his brothers were soldiers in the Israeli armed forces. David’s first battle was not Goliath, nor the land of beasts, it was his spiritual battles.

Perhaps to be taken for less influenced by him, he wanted to serve his nation like his older brothers, but he couldn’t be the youngest so they put him in charge of the flock. There God trained him to one day lead Israel. It wasn’t on the battlefield, it was on the field with the sheep and animals that David learned about the power and wonders of the Lord.

David trained in the presence of the Lord throughout his life.

Where are you training? The Lord is with you. What are your weaknesses? God never saw how weak David was or how many years of experience he had to lead his nation. He only saw a humbled heart and a willingness to believe it. Like David, you can be strong even if you are weak.

(…) Say how weak I am strong. Joel 3: 9

God empowers his chosen ones

David knew that he was not alone, he understood that he had the Lord of the Hosts of Heaven at his fingertips. Today, although there are no giants, there are still great intrinsic Philistines, these are spiritual and personal battles that each one carries out on a daily basis.

These giants can come from anywhere, in size and time. Jesus knew it, that’s why He was always with our Heavenly Father. Something that characterizes God’s chosen ones like David and Jesus is that they have always found a way to have communion with the Father, whether it be by talking, meditating or worshiping his exploits.

In David’s case, he loved to sing and worship, he did it to invoke the presence of God in the midst of adversity, he enjoyed singing praises to God… David was a musician, singer and songwriter.

Paul was a cultured figure, a citizen of Rome and a Jew, who served him well when he preached the good news to Jews, Romans, and other Gentiles. Esther was beautiful, beautiful, kind, obedient to her uncle and to God, these attributes earned her to be crowned queen and thus save her people from a massacre.

It is not easy to defeat the giants that await us, truly life for men and women who trust in the Lord is not comfortable, but it is a life from glory to glory.

According to the dictionary, we define the word “explode” as a change of character. During the believer’s pilgrimage from darkness to light, changes in character occur. God works wonders and wonders in the believer.

If the person is guided by his ego, his pride and the carnal essence of the human being, it is very likely that he will not achieve any feat or will not see the hand of God in his life. The character changes for the better, he approaches with humility to be able to see the hand of the Lord. David’s goal was to praise every moment in God. The goal of the believer is to have the character of Christ.

If you liked this article and want to meet more characters, with extraordinary feats, you can read José’s life story. A life guided by the hand of God at all times.

We have a high priest who watches over us at all times. We do not fight for our means but for yours, trusting in your promises. Rest and trust that deeds are done in the hands of the Lord.

I did what the Lord told me to do and found the potter working on his wheel. But the pot he was making didn’t turn out the way he wanted it; then he reduced it to a ball of clay and began to reshape it.
Then the Lord said:
O Israel, cannot I do to you what this potter does with his clay? Like clay in the hands of the potter, you are also in my hands. Jeremiah 18: 3-6

It is only in the hands of our Lord that we can perform feats, when we understand that He is in control. Are you ready to do feats, are you ready to trust the Father? Sometimes we feel lonely or very reluctant to put burdens on it, or we doubt the power of God thinking that nothing and no one can help us out of the muddy pit.

But God is not a human, He is God. His perspective of both us and the problems is absolute and superior to what we think. Remember from whom your strength does not come from fear but from the king of armies. We hope that in this article you have been able to know all the biblical meaning of the exploits.

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