Hebrews 6 Commentary

Encouragement to sincere believers (6:9-20)

Although some who received this letter needed such solemn warnings, others had clearly shown by their changed lives that they were genuine Christians. The writer has no doubts about such people (9-10). He encourages them to keep up the good work. They are not to lose heart or become lazy, but persevere to the end (11-12).

Warnings of judgment need not unsettle the believers concerning their assurance of salvation. When God promises salvation he keeps his word. Moreover, he confirms his promise with his oath (or vow). Abraham’s confidence in God gave him patient endurance so that he received what God promised (13- 15). In legal affairs people swear oaths to confirm their statements. In his grace God does the same. He gives people double assurance of salvation by giving his promise and then adding his oath (16-18).

The security of believers is based on the work of Jesus Christ. That work is their guarantee that God will never cast them out. The Levitical high priest entered God’s presence as the people’s representative when he went through the curtain into the Most Holy Place. Jesus Christ, the great high priest, enters God’s presence as the Christians’ representative. More than that, he is their forerunner. He is the guarantee that one day they too will be permanently in God’s presence (19-20).

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