Isaiah 35 Commentary

A paradise for God’s people (35:1-10)

In contrast to the terrifying end that awaits the wicked, the final state that God has prepared for the righteous is one of peace, joy and beauty. As judgment was pictured in the devastation of the land of Edom, so salvation is pictured in the restoration of the land of Israel. The picture is that of a desert that turns into a beautiful garden or a mighty forest. The Lord God dwells there and strengthens his people (35:1-4).

All the effects of sin are now banished, as God brings physical healing both to people’s bodies and to the world of nature. There is perfect contentment and total satisfaction (5-7). God forgives his people’s sins and prepares the way for them to come from all nations to dwell with him in his city. Nothing that is sinful or in any way harmful or dangerous will be allowed to enter. God’s people will come to his city with joy, like captives returning from a foreign country, or like people flocking to Jerusalem for a festival (8-10).

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