Micah 3 Commentary

Corrupt leaders (3:1-12)

The nation’s civil leaders are the first to be condemned, because they have reversed the standards of justice. Greedy officials cooperate with corrupt judges to exploit the people for their own benefit. Because of the cruel oppression that they have practised, God will not save them from the fury of the enemy, no matter how much they cry for his help (3:1-4).

Religious leaders are also condemned. Prophets preach words of comfort and approval to those who give them food and money, but announce judgment on those who refuse. Such men will cease to be prophets, because God will not speak through them (5-7). God will speak only through those (such as Micah) who refuse to alter his message to please the hearers (8).

Priests are just as corrupt as the civil leaders and prophets, and do religious service only for those who pay them well. Yet all these leaders think that God will protect them simply because his temple is situated in their city (9-11).

God can tolerate the corruption of these leaders no longer. He will smash their city, and their temple with it (12). (As a result of this prophecy, the king Hezekiah determined to take stronger action in reforming Judah. The success of his reformation won for Judah a postponement of the threatened judgment; see Jer 26:18-19.)

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