Micah 5 Commentary

God’s chosen king (5:2-15)

Ruling over Israel in this golden age will be a king specially chosen by God. He will have only a humble beginning, being born in the small Judean town of Bethlehem. But his ancestry will go back to ancient times, to the great king David, who himself came from Bethlehem and whose dynasty was guaranteed by God to last for ever. This king will have full right to David’s throne, and through him God’s promises to David will be fulfilled (2; cf. 1 Sam 17:12; 2 Sam 7:16; Matt 2:6; John 7:42).

Until this person is born, however, Israel will continue to be troubled by enemies; but when he comes, Israel’s scattered believers will be united under his rule. He will rule in the strength that comes from God to nourish and protect God’s people (3-4).


Israel will have plenty of good leaders and will be safe from all enemies. Any who try to invade Israel, whether they be Assyrians or other enemies, will find themselves driven back and conquered by Israel (5-6). The people of God will take his truth to all nations. Like dew they will be the means of refreshment and new life to those who seek God. But like a lion they will be the means of destruction to those who oppose him (7-9).

People of the new Israel will now enjoy God fully, because God will remove all that previously kept them from trusting in him. At various times Israel and Judah had been tempted to trust in military strength, fortified cities, occult practices, Baal worship and heathen armies, but now all such things will be destroyed (10-15).

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