Proverbs 9 Commentary

Invitations from ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Folly’ (9:1-18)

Wisdom is again personified in a gracious lady. This time she invites the silly and the ignorant to a great feast that she has prepared in her magnificent house. She wants them to come and enjoy the life- giving gifts of wisdom and discernment that she freely offers (9:1-6).

Whether people desire wisdom depends largely upon the character they have developed in themselves over the years. When people grow conceited in their opinions and blind to their failures, they usually react with bitterness when criticized. Those who are wise welcome criticism and so increase their wisdom (7- 9). People are responsible individually for their own gain or loss of wisdom. Everything depends on whether they are willing to learn from God (10-12).

In contrast to the invitation of the gracious lady Wisdom is the invitation of the shameless prostitute Folly. She also invites the silly and the ignorant, but the only thing she can offer is stolen food to be eaten in secret – unlawful pleasures that ruin a person’s life (13-18).

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