Revelation 10 Commentary

Interval before the seventh trumpet (10:1-11)

During the lengthy interval before the blowing of the final trumpet, John has several other visions.

First he sees a huge angel towering over land and sea, and holding a small scroll in his hand. The meaning apparently is that this angel is to make announcements that will affect the whole world. This results in a


further series of visions, the seven thunders, but John is not allowed to record them (10:1-4). The angel announces that when the seventh trumpet is blown, it will introduce the final stage of God’s plan (5-7).

John then eats the small scroll. Its contents must become part of him, so to speak, so that he can pass on its message with greater meaning and force. Because it is God’s message he finds it sweet at first, but when he understands the judgments it reveals, he finds it unpleasant. He has no joy in announcing it (8- 11; cf. Ezek 3:1-3; 2 Cor 2:15-16).

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