Titus 3 Commentary

Personal notes (3:12-15)

In his letter to Timothy written at the same time, Paul spoke of his desire to visit Ephesus (see 1 Tim 3:14), but in his letter to Titus he says nothing of any intention to go to Crete. Instead he will send Artemas or Tychicus to relieve Titus, so that Titus can go to meet him in Nicopolis in Achaia, where he intends to spend the winter (12).

Meanwhile certain people might visit Titus on their way through Crete, and Paul asks Titus to give them whatever help he can (13). All God’s people should use all the opportunities available to them to help those in need. At the same time they should make sure that they themselves do not become a burden to others. The Christian life should be a useful life (14-15).

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