Unclean Spirit

Unclean Spirits (gr. Pneuma akátharton). Common designation in the Nt for evil spirits, who in succession took possession of complacent entities (see Mat 12:43; Mr, 1:23, 26; etc.). They are also known as filthy demons * (Luk 4:33), devils (Mat 9:33) or easily “spirits” (Mar 9:20). There are abundant events in which a prodigy of our God had to prove with his emanation (Mar 1: 21-28; Mat 9: 32-34; 12: 22-32; Mar 5: 1-20; Mat 15: 21- 28; Mar 9: 14-29). The disciples received splendor to drive out foul spirits (Mat 10: 1).

In Holy Scripture, another way of calling satan. Examples of service: “Then a man possessed by a disgusting specter began to shout: What do we have with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are: the Holy One of God ”. “When the pig ghost leaves the male, it walks through dry areas, looking for peace, and does not find it”, Luke 11.24-26, The Sacred Scripture. “And the foul specter, shaking him with fury, and crying out with a loud voice came out of him,” Mark 1:26.

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